Site Work

Neal Lynn Incorporated specializes in site work- any projects that prepare the land for construction like excavation and grading. Some of our site work services include layout design and setup, land clearing and trucking, site road building and construction entrances, Erosion & Sediment Control, and installing utilities.


• Layout & Set-ups:

With 30 years of experience, Neal Lynn Inc. is well versed in designing site layouts and setting up construction projects with necessary equipment and accessories.

• Trenching & Boring:

Installing underground utilities, electric, communications, TV, security, water & sewer lines, concrete vaults and manholes, duct bank conduits, boring under roads/ driveways/ sidewalks for installing & repairs of underground cable & pipes.

• Auger Services: (Various Sizes and Depths)

Drill through soil and rock of different sizes and textures.

• Excavation:

All types-industrial,commercial, residential, streambank improvements, Rip-Rap, stacked rock, land clearing, construction entrances, transmission right-of-way roads & pads,retention basins, ponds, erosion & sediment control.

• Restoration:

Restore all disturbed areas- concrete, asphalt, topsoil, seed, mulch.